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My girlfriend and I broke up

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My girlfriend and I broke up

Last week, my girlfriend and I decided to go our separate ways. It’s been the most loving relationship I’ve ever experienced. And I was so afraid to let it go (even though we both knew it was time). All of the fearful assumptions about breaking up ended up not being the case at all. Ultimately, as it was in our relationship, it has been the most loving breakup I’ve ever experienced, too. We still love each other, still live together until she finds a new place, still committed to the best for each other, and knowing that we aren’t meant to be together. And this change has set me on a path of wanting to make sure I take care of myself, too. (I have a tendency to feel alone if I don’t stay connected to what matters, if I don’t remind myself of what’s important.)

So I have dedicated myself to get up by an alarm clock at 7:00a (which is early, folks, I’m a freelancer for god's sake!), bolt out of bed, head out the door to start my first hour off with deep breathing, practicing gratitude, getting clear on what I want my future to look and feel like, and reminding myself to feel instead of shut down. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful forest and creek to jog along right across the street from me.

At a certain point along the path is a beautiful spot that overlooks a bend in the creek where I sit down and record whatever comes up. And I'd like to share the first few days of my video diary with you here ...

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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