Learn to truly make this an Opportunity in your life.

From stigma to empowerment: Get real solutions and a refreshing, positive perspective on what it really means to live with herpes. From self-care, to dating, to communication, to sex, these guides teach you how to create and enjoy your beautiful life.

Become "stigma bulletproof"

Learn how to powerfully reframe this important part of your life with confidence & grace.

Herpes can feel like it changes everything about your life, but somehow you are expected to figure it all out by yourself! Because of stigma, people with herpes don’t get the support they need to integrate it as a normal part of an awesome life. No one teaches you how to date, how to have difficult conversations and how to have a “normal” sex life. Most people with herpes have to learn the hard way … from trial and error.

After I was diagnosed, I thought it would ruin my life. It wasn’t until I seriously considered suicide that I decided something had to change. So I spent thousands of dollars on self-development, therapy, books, gurus, teachers and workshops. I actually got my certification and learned how to be a coach just so I could communicate about herpes and have a healthy relationship (now married with a toddler, so I guess it worked!). After going through this muck, I decided that no one should be alone with this.

So I collaborated with my teachers, therapists and other coaches to create the Opportunity Lifestyle Guides audio course.

So, what are the Lifestyle Guides?

It’s like having your own personal resiliency coach in your pocket to guide, inspire and comfort you whenever you need it. The Opportunity Lifestyle Guides give you guidance, solutions and proven perspectives so you can get over the emotional and practical problems that herpes creates. They are jam-packed with important information, communication reframes and visualizations that give you a healthy perspective and practical tools.

All of the information in the Lifestyle Guides is available as both audio and written content (some like to listen; others like to read). You can go through the materials at your own pace and in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

These Lifestyle Guides are available entirely as online programs so that you can discreetly (and instantly) access the materials from any computer or mobile device.

  • 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Self-paced audio coaching program teaches you how to clear shame and enjoy a beautiful life.
  • Support yourself and the mission of Herpes Opportunity.
  • Discreet billing (billed as “HOPP” on your credit card).
  • Private & convenient online access from your own computer or mobile device. (You won't be mailed anything.)

There are 4 Lifestyle Guides in total, each with a different focus:


Skyrocket your self-esteem

Because herpes can create some unique challenges for your self image and self esteem, we put some quality attention on you and how you feel about —  and take care of — yourself. Your relationship with yourself has a huge impact on everything else. That’s why forgiving yourself — and loving who you are — is the most important step in creating the life and the relationships you want.


Relationship solutions that work

In the second Lifestyle Guide, we uncover the surprising realities of dating with herpes. We look at real-life strategies and solutions for navigating this potentially confusing subject. In these materials, we give you solutions to the biggest and most common obstacles that most people face in connecting with new romantic partners so you can enjoy dating and romance like any “normal” person. ;)


How to communicate for deep connection

For most people, the hardest thing about living with herpes is learning how to talk about it … with friends and family (and especially romantic partners). In this Lifestyle Guide, we break down the communication process into easy-to-understand concepts so that you can relax and talk about herpes in a way that helps them understand and makes your relationships more trusting and even stronger than before.


Profoundly satisfying sex for you and your partner

This guide is dedicated to getting your sex life back. Few things in life are as nourishing and as exciting as deeply connected sex. We uncover the realities of having an amazing sex life, regardless of herpes. Even though herpes does change things, your sex life can be even better than it was before. You don’t have to let herpes stop you from feeling sexy and enjoying intimacy.



20 Video Interviews

In this honest and candid interview series, we talk to sex, relationship and communication experts to uncover some surprising truths about the reality of living with herpes. We also talk to people with herpes about their challenges and their transformations. These personal and revealing interviews uncover what’s really going on with herpes, both within culture and within your own personal psychology.

(All 20 video interviews are included. More information on the Opportunity Interview Series.)


Special audio report:
“How to Never Feel Rejected Again"

In this special hour-long audio recording, I break down how rejection works and why it seems to have so much power. I’ll walk you through a new way of thinking about rejection so that you can feel free to meet new people and create new connections … just like everyone else.

Why I created the Opportunity Lifestyle Guides

When I found out I had herpes, all I really knew was that people are scared of it and judged it. Looking around online only confirmed my fears. The message that I got from culture was that this was something I needed to hide … and that people would judge me and reject me if they found out about it.

So I didn't talk about it … with anyone. …

All of my relationships, my self-image and my sex life were suddenly full of new problems that I had no idea how to handle. I had no one to talk to who understood what was going on or how to help.

I had no one to talk to who understood what was going on or how to help.

I withdrew from friends and family — even my career was suffering. I gave up completely on dating and relationships, knowing that as soon as they found out about my secret, they would reject me and run as far away as possible. My libido was crushed and I was sure that no one would ever love me again. I felt like I was cursed and that my life was over. This downward spiral took me to a very dark place where I seriously considered suicide.

It was only then that I realized that I absolutely had to get some help and make some changes … or I might just die. I didn’t realize it then, but that was the moment I turned everything around and took the first brave steps in a new direction.

I became obsessed and learned everything I could about relationships, sex, dating and communication. I went to workshops, trained with coaches and studied under teachers and gurus. I transformed, healed and grew in ways I never would have if not for herpes.

Not only did I learn to manage herpes in a brand-new way … I learned how to love my life … and myself. And, not just for the first time since I got herpes. I learned how to love myself and my life ... for the first time ever!

I learned how to love myself and my life ... for the first time ever!

Thanks to the things I’ve learned, I’m in the most healthy and rewarding romantic relationship of my life. My sex life is more exciting, satisfying and connected than it was even before herpes.

I’m no longer scared to talk about herpes with the people I’m close to … I can explain things in a way that helps them understand.

Looking back, I can see that herpes challenged me to grow; herpes challenged me to learn new ways to communicate and — most of all — to change my painful, self-limiting perspectives. The big surprise was that when I got some help and made these important changes, all other areas of my relationships — and my life — got so much better.

It’s amazing to look back and realize that the reason I felt so alone — so alone that I nearly killed myself — was simply because shame, stigma and silence had me dealing with herpes all alone … in fear and isolation.

There was no one there to show me how to be okay, and that my life could be perfectly normal. There was no one there to teach me how to take care of myself, or how to date, or even how to talk about herpes in a clear and confident way that would have people truly understand me (instead of run away). There certainly wasn’t anyone there to tell me how to have that perfectly normal and satisfying sex life that I always wanted ...

But now that I’ve gotten the help (that in the past I was so scared to reach out for), I can see that all the loneliness, isolation and pain I suffered were actually totally unnecessary. If I had a positive role model, or reached out for help sooner, I could have spared myself all that time spent wallowing in the darkness of my own fears and worst-case scenarios.

I can see that all the loneliness, isolation and pain I suffered were actually totally unnecessary.

And this is why I’ve dedicated my life to bringing together the very best resources, tools, perspectives and support so that you don’t have to go through this alone or figure everything out by yourself.

I don’t want you (or anyone) to have to go down the same dark road that I went down. And if you already have, I’m here to help get you back

If you’re like a lot of people who I’ve worked with, you might spend years, decades — or even a lifetime! — wallowing in shame, fear and isolation without ever getting the valuable support and guidance that you need. Living alone in secrecy and silence, many people simply never recover from the isolating and devastating impact that herpes can have on their lives.

But when you finally wake up from the nightmare of herpes into a refreshing new perspective, and start communicating in new ways, you may look back (like I did) to discover that your biggest regret is all the time that’s been wasted. You may look back and realize that you could have spared yourself all of the pain, suffering and isolation.

It’s never too late to get some help and take a positive step in the right direction.

Whether you just found out about herpes, or you’ve had it for years, it’s never too late to get some help and take a positive step in the right direction. It’s never too late to take a fresh, clean look at your life and how you’re relating to your challenges.

And once you do…  you might find yourself, very soon, breathing a deep sigh of relief as you realize that everything really is okay ... and that your life feels like it’s beautiful, full of love and back on track again.

60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Just like every program and workshop that I offer, the Lifestyle Guides have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you’re not sure that the Herpes Opportunity Lifestyle Guides will transform how you live with herpes… you can try them before you decide to keep them.

If you’re not happy with it in the first 60 days — for any reason — just send me an email and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked, no hard feelings. You only pay if you get what you need from these materials. You only pay if the Lifestyle Guides are valuable to you. You only pay if you decide that they’re worth it.

There’s nothing to lose … and only a beautiful, happy life to gain. You probably wouldn't be reading this now if you didn’t want some support.

Proof that this stuff works:

Here are just a few things that people who have discovered their own Opportunities have said (all anonymous):

  • "I’m blown away. I was deeply touched and I wasn't expecting it!  It’s as if there was an earthquake in my consciousness, and now things are being rearranged and rebuilt on new healthier ground. I know now that I am worthy."
  • "You have helped me to realize that I can still have high standards. That I am worthy of love and intimacy and that anyone who doesn’t see that is not the right person for me."
  • "It still seems surreal to be on this path of herpes being more of an opportunity than a curse, but it is really is starting to become that for me. To speak my truth and come from a place of confidence and honesty with potential/past partners has been so transformative."
  • "I’m finally ready to face this head on. I don’t want to beat myself up over something so normal. I want to look at myself as the person I dream to be. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity and a chance to find and be myself again."
  • "What your insights have offered me was an opportunity to accept myself, and not base my self-worth on what others think."
  • "Today I can honestly tell you that I don't see myself as broken or damaged goods ... those ideas I had about myself have been replaced with self acceptance, love, courage and empathy."
  • “I thought I would never be the same bubbly, optimistic, happy person that I once was. I thought I was doomed to a lonely, shameful life. But nope, I am an even stronger more resilient individual than I was before ... Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”
  • “I can feel things inside shifting, changing ... healing.”
  • “The willingness and courage behind the information in these guides has been very helpful to me during a painful and confusing time.”
  • “I realized, on a completely different level, how much I had been sabotaging myself in relationships.”