Honest conversations about dating, sex, relationships & life.

Join me for candid interviews with sex, relationship and communication experts that uncover the surprising truth about living with herpes. Be a fly on the wall as I talk to real people about their challenges and their transformations. These personal and revealing interviews uncover what’s really going on in culture and within your own personal psychology.

Living with herpes is not what you think it is.

Most people don't talk openly about herpes. It's usually a secret that's only revealed to partners or trusted loved ones; but the truth is, millions of people have herpes just like you and me. In these candid conversations, I talk to experts and everyday people who have a refreshing new perspective to share.

Come out of the shadows. Learn the truth about life with herpes and step into the the light of a new day!

What subscribers are saying

“I’ve been laughing and crying for the past 3 hours. I feel so much hope. I can’t wait for next month's video.”
“For over 10 years, I never once talked to other people with herpes. I didn't realize how much shame I still felt until I watched the first video. Hearing you talk like it’s just a normal thing was like waking up from a bad dream. I mean ... I’m not alone! This is normal. We can talk about it. Other people are just like me.”
“I watched the video you did with Ashley. Just the way you both were laughing and sharing stories was so important for me. Your video helped me feel like maybe soon I'll be laughing and telling stories, too.”
“I never expected anything like this to be fun. I feel like you and your guests are my friends. When I watch the videos, I feel like I’m part of the club. ;) We’re all so different, but we all have something in common that we share and can talk about.”
"This Opportunity thing you do is really positive. You're like Oprah for herpes! I never thought I'd watch a herpes talk show, but you help me see that it's not really about herpes after all."

Some people say I'm crazy for calling this an opportunity.
And I understand. (I probably would feel the same way if I didn't know what I know now.) The shame I carried around about herpes nearly destroyed me; but today, countless others and I are living proof that there's only one real cure to suffering from shame: You get to become a version of yourself who can handle this (and almost anything) with confidence and grace.

Thanks to the herpes wakeup call, I grew as a person. I love my life more than ever. I'm married to a sharp, heartfelt, powerful woman and we have an amazing, precocious little boy. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm here to help you realize your own Opportunity. Your best life is coming soon.

In support,