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Vulnerability as Opportunity

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Vulnerability as Opportunity
"A lot of the times we feel like if we're being vulnerable it's like we're putting ourselves on the line to be rejected. In reality, we're actually sharing something that we kept hidden so that more of us can be seen ... and then more of us has the potential to be loved."

For relationships that are meant to be, disclosure is less about herpes and more about being seen for your vulnerability, courage, integrity. In this way, vulnerability is a great filter for romantic relationship. It can actually save you time in the long run if your goal is to find a deep relationship. Because when you have the courage to be yourself and to be open, you can trust that the right person won't see a stigmatized virus but will instead see all these wonderful qualities in you. And that, my friend, isn't a dealbreaker. It's a deal-Maker.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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