[SexLoveYoga Interview]

Herpes, sexual shame & rewriting your narrative

From Dr. Cat's post:

What we’ve been taught about the herpes has been widely miseducated, misunderstood, and been the source of major fear and shame in our society. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be OUR story. In this episode we talk with Adrial Dale of The Herpes Opportunity about how a diagnosis can be a powerful experience for us to challenge shame narratives, what we understand as ‘sex’, and ultimately find greater sexual freedom in our life and love.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The truth about the herpes virus and how what we see in our google search can create more fear than knowledge
  • The opportunities for self and sexual expansion that arise with the diagnosis  
  • How to reframe disclosure-as-dealbreaker to disclosure-as-opportunity + tips to help you start that conversation
  • Navigating safe sex practices
  • How you can support your partner who has herpes
  • Why getting herpes is not the end of our sexual freedom
  • The power of our internal narratives impacting our self worth and relationships with others

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