The Vice Interview

My wife and I talk about navigating herpes in relationship

By the way, this is the first time my wife Heather (who is HSV-negative) and I have talked publicly about our relationship and what impact H has really had on it.

In the interview, we talk about ...

  • Our lives before meeting each other (including each of our preconceived notions about H and how I contracted it) 😬
  • Our early relationship after meeting on the dancefloor (and her initial impression of me ... yeah, not too great) 😅
  • Disclosing early on (and what she had already found out without me knowing) 🤔
  • How we navigated the big H in the bedroom (and a story about creative intimacy — even doing something together that neither of us had ever done before. And how that became the first time we exchanged "I love yous") 🥰

P.S. The audio is kiiinda crappy because I forgot to record it from my side. D'oh! (Luckily the reporter recorded it from his side over his computer speakers.)

So please forgive the less-than-stellar audio quality, and let me know if you get something out of this conversation!

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