Online herpes support group

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Online herpes support group

On the Herpes Opportunity Forums, you'll not only be supported, you'll be accepted. You'll be heard. Even if you choose to not speak, you will be able to listen to others and support them, which is just as powerful. And perhaps more importantly, you'll get that you're not alone with herpes. Because in sharing our stories, and in sharing who we are vulnerably, we get to shed the weight of shame and get to know ourselves. I look forward to sharing this space with you very soon.

What you'll hear in this recording:

  • Why this group is actually not about supporting H at all (what it's really about)
  • The mindset we all get to practice together that shifts us out of victim mode
  • The deeper meaning of "empowerment"
  • Our group agreements (what makes this group feel so safe & nourishing)
  • What we share & how we share (learn the difference between telling your story vs. sharing your experience and how that deepens your personal process)
  • How we give feedback/support (learn some simple phrases that support on a much deeper level)
  • How crying can actually be key to "getting over it"
P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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