With tears in our eyes

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With tears in our eyes

Both of us were laughing (with tears in our eyes) as we said our goodbyes …

I just got off Skype with a dear coaching client. It was our final session together.

You see, there’s a sweet and powerful way I like to say goodbye:

We get to acknowledge each other.

I went first …

I got to tell her how proud of her I was. How she showed up to our first session together with what seemed like a suit of armor protecting herself and her hurting heart. But she showed up with something else, too: Determination.

What struck me was how ready she was to make big changes in her life. I got to tell her how honored I was to witness her blossom into this open-hearted, playful, and IN LOVE woman. (During our time together, she just so happened to have met a man who treats her better than she’s ever been treated before. And best of all, she made herself available to it because she knows she deserves it.)

I acknowledged her for her courage and dedication to follow her heart and her integrity — even in the face of her fear. Within her, beneath this suit of protective armor, I got to know this little girl who just wanted to be loved. How precious.

And then she acknowledges me …

Taking a deep breath, she looks into my eyes through the Skype window … With a sly look, she says, “I’ve studied you.” She watched the videos. She read the materials. And she felt that I was the person who could help her. That I was going to help her change her life. She felt she could open up to me. Because she trusted me. (She never opened up to anyone else about this before. Not her friends. Not her family. No one.) She said she now has a connection with me that she doesn’t have with anyone else in the world … Because she was able to speak so freely, so openly.

She continues … straight from her heart … with so much power and clarity, “You are helping people live where they were closed up and miserable before. You’re giving so much of yourself to so many people. It’s amazing. Who you are is so contagious. What you see in me — this transformation, this opening up — this is from you allowing me to do that, too. From the bottom of my heart, I feel like you saved my life.”

My heart was blown wide open. We both had tears in our eyes, smiling, laughing. It was such a humbling and beautiful exchange. So much gratitude. So much appreciation. High on that pure, high-octane energy called human connection. In short, Love.

This feeling is at the core of it all. This is who we get to be with one another. I truly believe that this is why we’re all here.

And sometimes, all we need is a reminder.

I remember why I’m here:

I’m here to help people who feel lost to reconnect with their powerful hearts, and Love bigger than fear.  

And I LOVE what I do.

So pray tell, why you are here?

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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