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Risking love

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Risking love
"You just said I love you. This is the beginning. All right ... take a deep breath. This is a new era. Or it could be."

In our Herpes Opportunity community, when we hear the word "risk" in relationship, we tend to associate it with the risk of transmission. But remember that relationships are inherently risky, with or without H. Love is risky. When we fall in love, we open ourselves to depth, pleasure, connection ... but also to potential pain and sadness if we get hurt or our heart gets broken. So the question then becomes, do I want to minimize risk of a potential future to keep my heart closed and safe? Or do I want to risk opening my heart to this person? It's a fork in the road with no right or wrong answer, but know that you always have the choice of which fork to take.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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