Is herpes your excuse to not live your life?

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Is herpes your excuse to not live your life?

This might be a bit contentious, but it has to be said: Herpes might just be a convenient excuse. Where might you be using it as an excuse in your life? An excuse to not find the lover you deserve? An excuse to not be happy? An excuse to not live your life now? Sometimes we allow excuses to pull us away from living the life we truly think we deserve but have somehow convinced ourselves that we don’t.

It’s the ultimate in self-sabotage.

And herpes might seem to be the perfect reason to press the pause button on life. But with a little soul-searching, you might just find out that getting herpes off your mind allows you to be present to the life that you’re living NOW. No waiting. No hoping that reality was somehow different than what it is.

This might just be the loving kick in the ass you need right now.

Herpes can be a great teacher. A teacher around the synergies between sex and intimacy, a teacher that who we are is more important that what we have, a teacher that sometimes we give things in our lives more power than they deserve. So what is herpes here to teach you? Learn it and move past herpes as an obstacle. Make it a ramp to launch you into what’s most important to you in your life. Who are you here to be? What are you here to do? It’s not to worry about herpes, I guarantee you that. (And yes, grieving has its place in this; this is not about denying your feelings and just getting over it. Once you’ve moved through grieving, there comes a time to get out there and live your life.) So stop wasting time and do it. Herpes is only as powerful as you make it. You are the maker of your own destiny.

Let’s be more fair to ourselves. And with fairness comes forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Here is your official proclamation to live fully. Welcome to it.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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