Herpes, grieving and projection

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Herpes, grieving and projection

Part 1: Yesterday I posted a video of me crying. My girlfriend just moved out. Crying about the loss of a relationship is a way our heart says, "I'm going to miss you." In this way, crying can be seen as another facet, another expression of love.

Part 2: Projection is a knee-jerk reaction, assuming that everyone else's experiences life in a similar way than we do. And it can be insidious if we don't catch ourselves doing it in the moment. I see this happening in the herpes coaching I do with people. Specifically people who just got herpes, there are a lot of projections on what the rest of their lives will look like based on the cultural stigma about herpes. Allow yourself to have your own experience of having herpes. Form your own opinions of yourself instead of taking on the negative hype from people who don't know you.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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