Herpes and how you see your world

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Herpes and how you see your world

In a continuation from the last video about herpes and projection, I was taking my morning walk and noticed that I was playing out a pretty negative scenario in my mind as I walked in front of a car. It took me a beat to notice that this was automatically playing out in my head. Automatic projections that I was putting on some unknown driver behind the wheel. I realized that all of that was actually my own judgment that was magically being painted onto the blank canvas of my world. This may seem like just a minor occurrence ("oh, stop overthinking things, Adrial"), but if we can notice these little moments, we can also be aware of how these kinds of projections play out all over the place. These little moments add up into the experience called our life.

In a very real way, to follow this logic, what goes around does truly come around. Less in an energetic woo-woo way and more in a psychological one. In other words, how I conduct myself in my world (how I treat people, what I choose to think about others, etc.) gets mirrored back to me by how I naturally project onto others. If I live myself judging others and being hateful, then it's much easier for me to interpret judgment and hate from others because that is what I inject into my world ... But if I live my life with integrity, love and acceptance, then all of those awesome qualities are mirrored back to me, too. That is how I then see and interact with my whole world.

And of course this plays out when it comes to how we see ourselves with herpes. When I can treat myself with love and compassion and not judge myself or cave to the stigma, then as I am walking down the street or talking to a friend, I am much less likely to automatically assume they are judging me and thinking ill of me. This is powerful jiu-jitsu medicine. And more reason than ever to train our minds in the direction of compassion and empathy. Because with each thought, we are either creating a world that is harsh or a world that is kind.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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