Herpes, gratitude and wounded healers

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Herpes, gratitude and wounded healers

Being grateful is one of the most powerful muscles we can build. I'm grateful for so much in my life. Grateful for my family and friends, grateful for our growing Herpes Opportunity community, grateful for our resiliency and taking a stand for ourselves to truly be absolutely worthy.

And for all of you who are supporting others on our Herpes Opportunity forums, I am seeing a beautiful phenomenon that comes with the healing journey: That of the Wounded Healer. As each of us continues down the path of growth and healing, we are inspired to help those who are newer on the path, those who just got herpes. Our path of healing our own wound opens us empathically to others who are wounded in a similar way, and the healing domino effect continues ...

There seems to be something innate in us that wants to help and share our Opportunity with others. This is multi-faceted because not only is one person being helped, but the helper gets to pass their healing along, and when it's done in a public forum, everyone who sees that interaction gets to be helped, too. Such a beautiful ripple effect is amplified.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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