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Coach Betty Live

Coach Betty Live interviewed me about the Herpes Opportunity. We talk about a range of topics, including herpes shame, herpes facts and statistics and how live support groups can be so powerful and healing. Thanks for the interview, Betty!

Here are links from the show for quick reference:

  • Herpes Opportunity — It’s not about herpes. It’s about you living fully. Get more information on the e-book and upcoming webinar, plus other herpes-related information.
  • Herpes Life Coaching — If you are someone struggling with herpes, recognize two things: 1) You are not alone and 2) Herpes is what you make it, including an opportunity to go deeper into trust, authenticity and integrity.
  • Herpes Interviews — Listen to inspiring interviews.
  • Brene Brown video on shame — I break down the talk for the high points. FYI, you can skip to around the 3-minute mark for the meat of her talk.
P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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