A herpes cure?

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A herpes cure?

When that herpes test comes back positive, the common reaction is to faithfully keep up-to-date on the latest herpes news on a cure for herpes. Some sources can be trusted while others don't even pass as sources. Occasionally the trustable ones will tell us there’s a possibility for a legitimate cure, but it seems just out of our reach, pushed to some unknown time in the future. Whether or not the physical cure for herpes is coming anytime soon, ultimately the biggest “problem” it poses isn’t the physical herpes symptoms at all, but the psychological.

There may be no physical cure in sight to rid the virus from your system, but if you suffer from feelings that you won’t be able to find love, feelings of worthlessness, fear of being rejected, then you need a cure for your beliefs and mindset, not the virus itself. A herpes outbreak is a whole lot more in one’s mind than simply a cluster of bumps; it brings with it all the herpes stigma that society has built up around it, all the things you have heard from the media, your friends and strangers alike, those demeaning jokes ringing in your ears … so really the herpes outbreak itself is a trigger for your shame to rear its ugly head.

What is key here is to recognize this first before letting your mind go off the deep end an assuming the worst. Don’t let herpes represent all of those horrible things to you. That’s your decision.

So yes, a cure for what causes the most herpes suffering is close at hand. Or should I say close at mind. Start thinking in a way that is fair to you and your life. You deserve it.

P.S. This video is part of the free "inside coaching" series.

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