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Another Herpes Opportunity weekend has come and gone.

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Are you really taking care of yourself?


In today’s fast paced world, few people ever really slow down enough to take care of the things that really matter. Although many people eventually make herpes a normal part of an awesome life, this process can take months, years or even decades.


The H Opp weekend is a 3-day experience that is 100% dedicated to you, your life and your relationships. It’s really that simple.


The weekend is not magic. We are not claiming to have some special transformational powers. By simply creating a time and space that is dedicated to your happiness and peace-of-mind, you can make profound changes in how you live with herpes... practically overnight.



What is the H Opp weekend?


More than anything else, the weekend is simply an opportunity to connect with people who understand what you are going through. Being with others in a space that is dedicated to exploring new perspectives can free you in some surprising ways.


The entire weekend is designed to reveal (what’s already true by the way) that herpes is normal and common… and that it’s something that you or anyone else can integrate into a perfectly beautiful life full of rich rewarding relationships.


At the weekend you will get direct experience (and practice) learning the best ways to communicate about herpes so that who you really are (not shame, stigma or guilt) is what shines through in your relationships. With support and guidance from me (and a great team of friendly people), you will get the tools, practices and perspectives you need to stop herpes from holding you back.



Why should I come?


Since there's no cure for herpes, you may think you can’t do anything about how it impacts your life.


Although this may seem true… it’s not.


These days, I’m open about H with friends, family and potential romantic partners. I date amazing women, and H is rarely a problem. Me and hundreds of people I have worked with are living proof that your life can be totally normal and awesome (regardless of herpes).


But… it was not always like this. There was a time when stigma and shame had me hiding from even my family and closest friends. I believed that dating, romance and happiness were no longer options. I felt like I would be lucky just to survive.


I couldn’t see how much unnecessary suffering I was causing for myself. When I finally learned how to transcend stigma and shame, I felt free.  


The bottom line is that herpes does not have to be that big a deal. Your perspectives can change. How you communicate and how you feel about yourself can change so that herpes no longer gets in the way or holds you back from living the life that you want.


Even though you might feel alone with herpes, you're not. So why live with it alone? Why figure it all out by yourself? Connect with me and others who understand what you are going through. Learn what we have already learned about creating the life you want, regardless of herpes.

I’m not interested in helping you make life with herpes simply survivable… I’m here to help you make your life and your relationships awesome!





A little sanity in an insane world ...


And by the way… self-development weekends are not weird or crazy. Thousands of people around the world do similar events every day focused on a variety of topics.

Even though H is not something that most people talk about openly, it’s normal (and actually pretty smart) to put some dedicated attention on this important area of your life.

And even though the weekend has its challenges, once you realize that people understand what you’re going through it can suddenly seem as normal and natural as anything. In fact, a lot of people say the weekend feels more sane than their daily lives, where all this stuff gets hidden and kept secret.



What participants say about the weekend:


The following are excerpts from participants of past Herpes Opportunity weekends.
Their full posts can be found here and here.


"As a doctor who specializes in stress management, I find it ironic that it took me 17 years of suffering with herpes to finally get the help that I myself needed. I was able to confront and heal on an emotional level what I had perceived before was an incurable, unsolvable problem in my life. I have felt immensely lighter and freer as if a huge burden was lifted... The Herpes Opportunity weekend is a profound, life-changing experience that I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone living with herpes!
If you are on the fence about this weekend,
I encourage you to GO FOR IT.
You are worth it!"

— Dr. Suzanne Schiller, suzanneschiller.com


"I began the journey in a cloud of doubt. But now... new awareness opens up to me daily. I had the most powerful disclosure talk of my life. Not only did my new boyfriend
want to still see me, he was in awe of me…"

— J.W., New Mexico


"Being able to connect deeply with such genuine people in a caring, nurturing, judgement-free environment
is probably the biggest gift of my life."

— L.C., Minnesota


"It's definitely not sitting around for 3 days straight talking about herpes. It's 3 days being surrounded by the kindest, most supportive, loving people you'll ever meet."
— A.P., Colorado


"I came to North Carolina all the way from Scandinavia...
I thought I was crazy to do this, but another part of me trusted that I was doing the right thing… For the first time, I really know what kind of connections I look for in my relationships.
All of them."

— M.J., The Netherlands


"The relationships I formed in 3 days are ones I'll never forget and ones I hope to keep close to my heart forever."
— A.P., Colorado


"I just got back home from the most amazing experience of my life ... The reason we came together was the shared experience of herpes but the result was healing, growth and love.
A safe space was created for all of us ... I have never experienced anything like that before."

— B.W., Canada


"Going through the weekend with this group
has freed me up physically and spiritually
in ways I couldn't have even imagined."

— L.C., Minnesota


"I went into the weekend open and willing, but skeptical and hesitant. And I certainly got more out of it than I ever could have imagined. It gave me the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level than I ever knew possible."
— A.B., Colorado


"I wasn't sure I'd be the right kind of participant as I have had herpes for 15 years thus many years to process it. I was hopeful … but I have to admit, a little skeptical. What struck me was how my perception of things and others changed... By the end of the weekend, I had a great realization: I actually had the desire to get my life back, and I could imagine how that would feel. This means that I got a taste of what my life could be
and liked it!"

— R.S., North Carolina


"I had gone down to Raleigh full of hope, anticipation, excitement, and a little bit of nervousness ... overall, feeling like I'd come really far in my process with herpes and self-love and, for the most part, this was going to be a personal celebration and, hopefully, an opportunity to meet some beautiful new people. Ultimately, I had no idea how deep this weekend was going to go... I experienced a depth of connection that I haven't experienced this far in my life."
— B.G., Canada






What are the exact hours on each day?

  • Friday: 1:00p – 10:00p
    (Please arrive at the venue NO LATER than 1:00p to check in)
  • Saturday: 10:00a – 10:00p
  • Sunday: 10:00a – 8:00p
    (If you're flying, consider booking a flight for Monday to avoid rushing.)


What if I can't make it to the whole weekend? Can I come for part of it?
The weekend builds on itself, layer by layer from the very beginning, so fully participating from the beginning all the way through the end is vital for you to get what you came for.


Where is it?
Our venue is 5 minutes away from RDU airport, so it's easy to fly into Raleigh, get a hotel room and attend the weekend. We can suggest local hotels.


Why would I want to take a full weekend on herpes?
This ultimately isn't a weekend about herpes. This is a weekend about YOU. It's a weekend about who you are in the face of something you may have some judgments about. And it's about shifting those judgments into self-acceptance with others who are committed to the same. The focus of the weekend isn't herpes. The focus is on connecting you to what matters inside of yourself. In the face of that, herpes loses its power to affect you.


Is food included?
Snacks will be provided through the weekend (fruit, hummus, chips, jerky, cookies, etc.), but full meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) will be up to you. Come each day fully fed. Ample time will be given for everyone to go out to eat lunch and dinner.


Is lodging included?
Lodging is not included in the ticket price, although there are options available to you, including getting a room at the hotel where the weekend is held, being a roommate with a fellow participant or staying with a staff member. A few weeks before the weekend, a secret Facebook group will be formed (none of your Facebook friends will be able to see that you are a part of our group) with all staff members and participants so that you may coordinate roommate situations or work out whatever lodging setup works for you.


Is this in any way associated with a larger group or religion?
This is not associated with any religion, cult, or other larger group. Although it's inclusive and supportive of any and all systems of belief.


As far as the format of the weekend is concerned, is it part education, part group activities? What will it be like for me?
It's less educational (you can get the facts online on our community forums and blog) and more focused on group and one-on-one experiential activities. We have group discussions throughout, and sometimes those include some informational tidbits if participants ask for it, but for the most part the seminar is experiential and interactive. Less someone standing in front of the room "teaching you something" and more "let's jump right in and have an experience we can all feel together." The weekend will be molded to suit exactly what you need for your greatest healing and growth. In that way, it's impossible to tell you exactly what it will be like for you. It's unique to you based on what you need at your current stage of healing and self-acceptance.











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